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81% of exhibitors at trade shows use email
to follow up on their leads 

But how many of your leads are actually winning you business? 


  • Do you feel frustrated and demotivated after a trade show? 

  • Do you meet 50 new contacts but only manage to follow up with 5? 

  • Of those 5 do you only really manage to build a relationship with 1


Not only that, but once you start speaking to the leads I bet you struggle with:


  • Knowing how to build a relationship in the target culture

  • Understanding the cultural differences that make this harder 

  • Navigating a language barrier 

  • Getting your point across internationally. How about online?

  • Feeling you need a bigger team to cover all these aspects

  • Worrying about the bottom line

  • The fact that without these contacts and sales your job could be at risk

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What clients say about us: 

"This was a really enjoyable session. Kellie obviously knows her stuff and highlighted a number of things that I wasn't aware of previously, and that we could put into practice straight away.  Recommended."

Developing these skills can help you get a ROI on your trade show investment.

It can help you increase brand awareness and reputation

And breaking into just one new market can open up a multitude of opportunities. 


The best bit?

We can develop all these skills without spending a fortune, wasting loads of time, or taking on new people to build up your team. 


Let’s get you those clients now, before your competitors do!

Let’s take your business global with the clients you want.


Here’s how we’re going to do it: with my training which has been crafted specifically for companies struggling to engage with contacts they make at trade shows or online events because it gives you the tools you need to start converting those leads. 


Global Jet-Setters


We’re going to ensure you can not only talk the talk but also walk the walk with your international leads. You’re just 3 simple steps away from blowing up your international business. I promise, it’s not rocket science. 


What’s the one thing I hear most when delivering this programe? 

“I wish I’d known this sooner!”

Well, now you will!

So what do you get?


Come Fly With Me (Value: £1,620)

Here we’ll introduce your team to the most important international differences that impact business on a global scale. 

Session 1 sets you up for success. 


Talk the Talk (Value: £1,620)

Session 2 is going to give you the tools to improve your communication for those conversations and negotiations in English with clients who speak other first languages. 

It gives you the tools to get your ideas and negotiations across clearly. 

No fuss. No mess. 


Walk the Walk (Value: £1,800)

This is the biggie. This is where we’ll look at how these global differences really impact our interactions with clients in other global markets, including: 

  • building relationships

  • negotiating 

  • adapting our tone and marketing 

  • as well as how much information to present and when. 

We’ll hone in on the areas that are causing you barriers and look at simple, practical ways to overcome these. 


That’s 3 strategic skills and a mountain of knowledge,

delivered in 3 sessions for up to 12 people. 


You’ll also get access to my content library, including templates, training recordings, and bonus material. For life. (Value: £199)


The total value of this package is £5200

All of this is yours for just £4300

This has been tried and tested with clients in sectors including:

  • textiles

  • education

  • engineering

  • cloud technology

  • and sports. 


It can work for you too. 

Gain the 3 strategic skills you need to improve

your business performance internationally in just 3 simple sessions. 

Without investing millions. 

Without wasting time and money. 

With a great trainer. Simple. 

“Kellie’s knowledge of international business relations is unmatched. She opened my eyes to how small changes in communication can make a real difference. I truly believe the experience will help deepen relationships with companies we have struggled to relate to in the past providing us with more opportunities.”

Abby Hannah, Stedfast

K Noon training Manchester 4.jpg
K Noon delivering training in Manchester

What our clients say about us: 

"This should be delivered as part of a standard staff induction – I’ve waited 5 years for this! It should be mandatory in the first year with refresher training every 3 years."

"A big thank you. I just wish there was more time for this course!"

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