what we do

International Insights

onno offers International Insight services for those  

  • working internationally or

  • breaking into new markets


This bespoke support is for you if you need

  • advice and support for international business dealings

  • to deal with problems that have arisen

  • to break into a new market in the most efficient and effective way possible, avoiding potential pitfalls and costly mistakes


onno offers a suite of training solutions for organisations of all sizes. 

This includes longer training sessions and short webinars. Some of the areas we cover are:

  • Intercultural Communications

  • Inclusive Recruitment

  • Inclusion in Higher Education

Global Effectivess Audit

Our signature service. 

This audit is for you if

  • you currently work with international clients or markets and want to build and maintain a strong relationship with them. 

  • you are wanting to deal with or understand current issues with clients and suppliers overseas to overcome these and continue working well together 

K Noon delivering training in Manchester
New Year, New Market

For companies based in the UK actively wanting to break into a new international market in the first quarter of 2021.


New Year, New Market includes: 

  • Analysis of current situation & preparedness as well as of internal resources

  • Cultural information relating to the new market 

  • Practical steps to follow effectively engage with the new market, including potential pitfalls 

On-going Support

onno works with organisations on an on-going basis to support those with changing needs and a large international client base.

This is for you if

  • you have clients across the globe and regularly need advice or support around negotiating differences and preparing for new international business. 

What attendees say about onno's training

Thank you for this eye-opening experience!

All ideas and opinions were

very well-portrayed and

easy to understand.

This was a very enjoyable workshop 

Led with much experience,

a sense of humour

and many relevant examples

Wow! So much to think about

and follow up.

Wish I’d been alerted to all this

before I started my job!

Thank you.


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