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Zoomed out? Sorry, not just yet.

If you've been following me on Linkedin or if you're signed up to my weekly roundup of wisdom and international business development tips, you will have seen my weekly top tips videos that give free, practical information about dealing with international clients.

This week's top tip is a general tip that applies to any of us working with different countries around the globe. Particularly now while we're doing more online. Read on for more information, or catch the tip in the video below👇

So, when you are dealing with countries who have a more indirect communication style you want to be using (while we can't travel!) as much as possible video messaging.

Now, telephone calls are great: they're quick, they're easy, and right now everybody is zoomed out. And we don't want to be looking at the screen for any longer than we need to!

But countries that fall into this category of having an indirect communication style are going to leave quite a lot that is unsaid. So if you can have a video messaging call with them:

  • you're going to get a lot more information

  • you'll be able to see the expressions they're using

  • see how they're responding to you

  • and it's going to help you to clarify any miscommunications or anything that you're a little bit worried about

Invest the time in doing a video call, you'll reap the benefits later on.

I know your eyes might be a little bit fed up of looking at the screen. I know mine are, but it's really going to help you.

Okay, so as much as possible we're going to schedule video calls with people from more indirect communication style areas of the globe.

That's going to be areas like China, Korea, Japan - please invest the time in doing this - it's going to be good for your business.

Good luck with it and let me know how it goes!

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