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15 New Business-Improvement Webinars Released by Onno and Ohcul

A new programme that Onno has been working on recently with Ohcul on Inclusive Recruitment is now ready for delivery.

This comprehensive training package is ready for companies across the UK.

Visit Ohcul's website here.


Together the two companies have worked on building support for business who want to improve their diversity and inclusion (D&I) agenda, along with support for recruiting more inclusively to enhance this process.

With the current work climate affected so much by Covid-19, these courses will initially be available online in the format of webinars.

Our newly developed webinars will support companies of all sizes to navigate their personal EDI agendas, which in turn will support longer-term growth for them as a business.

What webinars are available?

Our webinars cover topics like Cultivating Diversity in the Workplace, an Introduction to Inclusive Recruitment, navigating Difficult Conversations, finding staff from Other Talent Pools, along with many others.

To see the full list of webinars now available, please contact Onno directly:

Training sessions will be led by Kellie Noon

The webinars will be available as open courses to any participants at a price of £50 per 90 minute session, or as a closed session for companies at fixed prices with a maximum number of participants.

Each attendee receives a certificate of completion for the session, and we are working on making recordings of each session available, too. The webinars will be delivered using Zoom.

How to register

Three of these webinars will be running next week as open sessions at a reduced price of £30.

These are:

  • Introduction to Inclusive Recruitment – Tuesday 14th at 12.30

  • Intercultural Awareness for International Teams – Wednesday 15th at 9.00

  • Empowering Employees during the Lockdown – Thursday 16th at 2.30

To register, contact Kellie or Omar directly on or


Payment will be taken in advance via bank transfer for these first sessions, with online payments and booking for other webinars being made available in the next week or so.

Once payment is confirmed, you will receive the link and password to the webinar session.

Participants will receive 90 minutes of training, a set of complementary notes, and a certificate of participation.

Continue your training and development from wherever your new workplace is and join us online to learn more about how Diversity and Inclusion can improve your work and team.

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