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Jetstack: A Case Study

The lovely team at Jetstack reached out to me back in summer to see how we could support them with an internal goal they had: to make their team more inclusive.

At the end of 2020 we delivered two tailored training sessions to Jetstack to help them achieve this: one webinar, and one workshop.

1. Inclusive Recruitment

2. Unconscious Bias

The inclusive recruitment training we delivered was in a webinar format that was open to people across the company, including time for Q&A at the end. This was a great way for them to enable the key staff managing recruitment had access to this support, but also for them to offer training to their wider team.

We looked at key points to consider when recruiting and delved deeper into how to be more actively inclusive in the process.

The team were great and it turns out that they are already working well in a way that actively encourages applications from underrepresented groups within Jetstack. Looking at some of their own job descriptions we were able to examine real examples of good practice and how to edit and improve other areas.

"This was a really enjoyable session. Kellie obviously knows her stuff and highlighted a number of things that I wasn't aware of previously, and that we could put into practice straight away. Recommended."

The unconscious bias workshop was a longer session, which meant we were able to cover more areas in detail and gave the attendees time to share ideas, reflections, and lived experiences. It gave the team some real time to connect and learn, putting the ideas into practice and working through activities both individually and in groups.

The team were fantastic and really engaged with everything from the get-go!

Their team lead, Oana, was an absolute pleasure to work with and managed to make sure the rest of the team had time in their diaries to attend the sessions. Everyone participated and learnt a lot, and found they had some great experiences and stories to share together.

Not only did they take the time to learn more about being inclusive and how to work through our biases, but they learnt from each other in the process and took some time to build stronger connections with their teammates. Having this time together to work on soft skills as well as learn about inclusion and diversity is a great way to keep your team motivated at the moment as well as give them time to connect and talk about more personal experiences, something we’re all missing right now with having to do everything online and at a distance.

Oana took the time to share some of the feedback with us, which was a real treat to read after a long grey afternoon in the office in the middle of January!

Here are some snippets of what they had to say:

"Kellie's training on Unconscious Bias was very informative and invited an open discussion on topics that we oftentimes don't talk enough about at work and in life. I haven't done similar training before, so it was very useful to get a better understanding of different types of biases, how and when we might engage in generalised beliefs, and discuss ways to improve on how we work and communicate with others. Thank you, Kellie, for your personable approach and delivery!"
"Kellie's workshop on Unconscious Bias was incredibly useful for me, and has given me a whole set of extra tools and ways of thinking that've been helpful in my job. Having done some similar training before I thought I was already pretty knowledgeable about how unconscious bias affects our decisions, but I learnt a lot more. Kellie had taken the time to learn about Jetstack and our culture, and was able to offer a whole load of tips specific to how we work that nobody had previously considered."

Do you want to book in training for your team?

Take a look at the options on our website (access the training list here) or contact Kellie directly to discuss the options for your team and their needs.

We have training programmes available in a number of areas, including:

  • Global Effectiveness

  • International English

  • Managing across Cultures

  • International Marketing Content

You can contact here on her direct email and she’ll get back to you ASAP: kellie@onno.training

Want to know more about Jetstack, the work they do, and how fabulous their team is?

Jetstack helps businesses to build and operate modern cloud native infrastructure with Kubernetes.

Learn more about Jetstack here.

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