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Global Voices: Macau

Our Global Differences series presents real voices of people from across the globe telling us about their own countries, and the differences between these and the UK.

In this month's post on global differences, we hear from Stephen Ng, a data engineer from Macau in China.


Meet Stephen

Macau Skyline

  • Name: Stephen Ng

  • Job / Profession: Data Engineer

  • Home country and town: Macau, China

  • Native language: Cantonese

How long have you been in the UK?

19 years

What was your first impression of the UK?  The cold.

What did you find was the biggest difference between here and your home country? Macau is so small, it would only take less than 1 hour to walk from one side of Macau to the other.

What is the biggest misconception people in the UK have of your country?  Macau is not just about casinos, there are more to explore, such as the mix of Portugese and Chinese culture and places.

What’s the one place you’d say we have to visit in your country? The Ruins of Saint Paul's, it is a remains of the front of a Catholic church, the rest of the church destroyed in a fire.

What’s the one dish or meal you’d really recommend?  Portuguese Chicken. It's a Macau dish, it is actually not a Portugese dish, but a fusion between Portugese and Chinese food, main ingredients include coconut milk, curry, Portugese chorizo and chicken, served with rice.

Portuguese Chicken

What’s your favourite word in your own language? What does it mean in English? It's ronounced 'low', a Cantonese word only exists in Macau when combined with other Cantonese words could mean: the 'other' way, the 'other' side, etc.


Is there anything you want to ask Stephen about his country?

Leave us a comment and we'll get back to them.

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