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Global Voices: India (2)

Our Global Differences series presents real voices of people from across the globe telling us about their own countries, and the differences between these and the UK.

In this month's post on global differences, we hear from Narasimha Reddy Tavanam, a student from Andhra Pradesh in India. This is our second post from India this month!


Meet Narasimha

  • Name: Narasimha Reddy Tavanam

  • Job / Profession: Student, currently doing an internship as a Project Coordinator

  • Home country and town: Andhra Pradesh, India

  • Native language: Telugu

How long have you been in the UK?

17 months

What was your first impression of the UK?  People are kind!

What did you find was the biggest difference between here and your home country? In the UK, the majority of people contribute towards taxes, but in India only a few people pay proper taxes.

What is the biggest misconception people in the UK have of your country?  India is poor, but it isn't.

What’s the one place you’d say we have to visit in your country? Kerala!

What’s the one dish or meal you’d really recommend?  Hyderabad Dum Biriyani

What’s your favourite word in your own language? What does it mean in English? Namasthe Ela vunnaru

(Greetings, Hi, How are you?)


Is there anything you want to ask Narasimha about his country?

Leave us a comment and we'll get back to him.

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