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Global Negotiation Bliss: Sell more internationally

With Brexit about to hit, and the ongoing effects of this year's pandemic, business has and continues to be tougher than ever for most of us.

Maintaining client relationships and building new ones is hard. But it doesn't have to be.

Onno now has an ebook available to download that covers the 7 steps you need to take to establish strong relationships with international clients and collaborators.

The book has 50 pages of content, covering these 7 key steps.

It includes information on how to navigate these stages of the relationship building and negotiating process, as well as top tips and key insights to help you deal with cultures all over the globe.

The ebook is available to buy now for just £49 before Christmas, reduced from £79, to give you an extra boost in your planning and negotiating before the end of 2020.

Download the ebook here now: Buy 7 Steps to Global Negotiation Bliss

You can also download our free International Business checklist on the same page.

What are you waiting for?

Remember Onno is also here to help with international insights to help you navigate specific issues that you're having with your international clients through our signature Global Effectiveness Audit and our International Insights sessions, a personalised and confidential consultancy service that gives you the tools you need to successfully overcome barriers to international sales.

Read more about Onno here, and book our services here.

2020 prices will be available until December 18.

Read more about the Global Effectiveness Audit here, and see the customer journey here.

Questions? Talk to Kellie at Onno directly: kellie@onno.training

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