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Global Effectiveness Audit: A Case Study

In October Onno worked with International textiles company Stedfast to help their regional Sales Director, Abby Hannah, navigate difficulties she was facing with a client in Germany.

Read on to see more about this and find out how the Global Effectiveness Audit has helped Abby to develop her relationship with the client and overcome the problems she had.

Download this case study here:

GE Journey
Download PDF • 107KB

How the Global Effectiveness Audit helped Stedfast Inc. to

resolve communication barriers with a key European client

The Challenge

Stedfast is a world leading provider of specialised coated and laminated protective barriers based in Canada.

The UK head of sales, Abby Hannah, works with clients all over the world and frequently travels to areas of Europe and Australia.

Abby has recently had issues of miscommunication and upset with one of her biggest clients in Europe, leading to:

  • a breakdown in friendly communication

  • the client considering working with other suppliers in their own country over working with Stedfast.

Losing this client would have a huge impact on Abby’s yearly sales.

The support given will help build respect and trust, and ultimately sales

The Approach

We worked with Abby to:

  • gain a deeper understanding of the situation and the problems being faced

  • discuss concerns and problems and find where the real issues lay

  • review examples of communications with the client

We presented Stedfast UK with a bespoke report, including:

  • analysis of the situation

  • explanations of the key cultural issues at play

  • information around how to understand these issues

  • how to deal with these issues moving forward and to prepare for future negotiations

  • information around the linguistic problems that were evident

  • how to adapt the language used to enhance communication and remove misunderstandings

  • advice around culture in that region and what to expect

“The information will help me to communicate better with all customers in Germany and Austria and ensure I can provide them with the best service possible

The Result

Barriers to effective communication and understanding have been removed, enabling Abby to continue to work with this major client and bring in the sales she needs.

  • Abby’s confidence has doubled in ability to communicate effectively with the client

  • She now knows how to avoid these cases and how to get ahead of potential problems by communicating differently with the client

  • Having removed communication barriers, she is now able to read their behaviour correctly, allowing for meaningful discussion and progress to more sales

“It will make my work more enjoyable and replying to emails much easier […] and ensure I can provide them with the best service possible”


What Abby had to say about the Global Effectiveness Audit:

“Kellie takes the time to really understand your business and needs in order to personalise her approach to what will help you the most. Her knowledge of international business relations is unmatched and she really opened my eyes to how small changes in communication can make a real difference. We work with customers all over the world and it can be difficult to switch from one culture to another when writing emails and calling clients.

I truly believe the experience will help deepen relationships with companies we have struggled to relate to in the past providing us with more opportunities. Definitely recommend to any SMEs looking to widen their horizons!”

Abby Hannah, Stedfast Inc.

Talk to onno now about the impact the Global Effectiveness audit could have on your international business. | 07933 86 89 86 |

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