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Free and Cost-Effective options for the start of 2021

Just as we were all getting ready to start up, we’ve had to slow down!

The thought of a new year and a new start was really important for so many of us to keep focused and positive, and with the news of the latest lockdown, that’s going to be harder for some of us now. Not to mention the potential impact this is going to have on businesses.

In the spirit of supporting each other and keeping positive, I’ve put together a list of free and cost effective services that I offer which you might be able to benefit from. Enjoy!

Free resources

  1. An introduction to working with cultural minorities and EAL students with Complete Careers

  2. Inclusive Recruitment: Inclusive Job Descriptions and Interviews with Pro Manchester

  3. A conversation on Structural Racism in the Workplace with Diversi-team

Cost-effective resources

January only prices

While more money than the other services, I’m keeping my 2020 prices on my 2 signature services for the duration of January (while we all get back into the wing of things!) and so they are also available at a more cost-effective price for the next few weeks


Are you worried about your international business this year? Talk to us and plan out your 2021. We can help.

Our services are listed on the website, where you can access resources and blog posts. You can access our online courses via the Onno Academy.

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