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3 Big Ideas For Your D&I Agenda

ONNO has been quiet recently, but has been working hard behind the scenes to bring more content and events to clients.

One big change is that Onno is now involved in a North-West Diversity and Inclusion group which is set to push agendas, plans and awareness of issues related to diversity and inclusion.

The Launch

This launch event includes 3 guest speakers who will be sharing their ideas, experiences and plans for the future.

Join the Diversi-team LinkedIn group now: Join here.

Diversi-team, the new group based in the North West.

The group will be meeting once a month to share examples of best practice, new ideas and articles, lived experiences and anything that will help the group members.

Diversi-team, a place to learn, support and grow. I can’t wait for this launch event!

For now the events will be running online, but they are hoping that for the autumn these events will be face-to-face, creating new opportunities to support each other and share experiences.

The first Diversity-team event is this Wednesday, and you can register for the free event on Eventbrite, or by clicking here.

Guest speakers

The speakers at this event are:

  • Sarah Galligan

  • Jane Rapin

  • Omar Javaid

Once again, please join us on Wednesday 1st July for this event, and support your local initiatives to enhance diversity and inclusion support across the region.

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