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1 Surefire Strategy to Improve Employee Engagement Post Covid-19

An Inclusive Roadmap: Preparing for the new normal

As many companies prepare to bring staff back into pre-Covid working spaces, arrange future plans for flexible working, and bring back furloughed staff, there is a need to ensure we do this well.

Over this period communication and trust has been vital to maintain productivity and morale within teams and we need to find a way to keep this as we transition back into work-spaces, or move forward into new working conditions.

Only 35% of employees have the confidence to express their concerns about returning to work

Moving Forward

The best way to do this well is by talking to staff.What’s a problem here though is that when asking staff what they want and need, we find there is 75% more engagement with anonymous feedback. Asking these questions yourselves or simply using a survey won’t get you the honest answers you need. Only 35% of employees have the confidence to express their concerns about returning to work.

Right now money is a concern for all businesses. No-one wants to have to hire and train new recruits, with all of the expense and time associated with that. Making your staff feel supported is more important now than ever. 

Employee engagement increases profitability by up to 21% per employee

More than retaining staff, we also need to ensure they stay engaged. Employee engagement increases profitability by up to 21% per employee. As an average, across the UK employee engagement is low, at only 45%. What’s more, disengaged employees have a 60% higher error rate in their work


The Inclusive Roadmap

Our new Inclusive Roadmap package takes all of this into account and provides you with the information and direction that you need to ensure a smooth transition into the new normal. We cover areas of concern, looking particularly at how you can support all of your staff equitably. We build inclusive practices into everything we do.

Our consultancy package includes:

  • An initial free consultation

  • Personalised talks with up to 20 members of staff to hear their concerns 

  • A survey of all your staff

  • A personalised report that will include staff views of the company pre-Covid, during Covid, and how they feel about the next stages. This covers both positive and negative points

  • The report will include a personalised roadmap with practical steps to follow for your company to ensure maximum staff engagement in the upcoming period 

  • A diversity handbook

  • Access to one webinar of your choice

  • A 30 minute follow up call in 2 months’ time to review progress

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