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The only training you need to ignite international growth

Win international clients and build a thriving global business.

We teach you how in person. That's right - we're back!


Yep, you heard us right. We are back open for business in person, and this global scale up course is all it takes to ignite staggering progress for your business.


Radically straight-forward and effective, our Global Growth course is an intensive training programme for professionals serious about international growth. 


Experience personalised coaching from our founder and head trainer, Kellie Noon. For the first time ever, we combine three core topics - language, culture and global effectiveness - covering everything needed to improve your international business relations. 


Learn how to: 


  1. Understand global differences and how they impact your work

  2. Adapt your content and marketing to global audiences

  3. Adjust your English for international clients 

So you can: 


  • Present to international audiences

  • Confidently negotiate and sell

  • Work on projects without limits 

  • Boost client retention rates

  • Unlock new growth opportunities 

  • Boost your revenue exponentially 

  • Scale globally at record speeds


Apply your learning immediately. We equip you with the skills, awareness and confidence needed for rapid progress.



Our Global Growth course is ideal if you want to: 


  • Make more money internationally

  • Secure business agility and resilience

  • Gain greater access to new talent

  • Expand your partnership opportunities 

  • Get ahead of the competition 

  • Improve your business’ reputation



Want in? 


The first cohort for our Global Growth course starts on the 6th July and runs for 6 weeks.

These are the face-to-face opportunities that we promised!

Join us and benefit from 3 in-person sessions running on

  • July 6

  • July 20 

  • August 3


We are running online reviews after each sessions to check how your implementation is going, giving you extra support when you need it. 

Places are limited for cohort 1, meaning you'll have more personalised support and a dedicated team of growth

go-getters with you on this course.

If you're wanting to grow your international client base and business, it doesn't get any better than this. 


Secure your place now.


“Kellie’s knowledge of international business relations is unmatched. She opened my eyes to how small changes in communication can make a real difference. I truly believe the experience will help deepen relationships with companies we have struggled to relate to in the past providing us with more opportunities.”

Abby Hannah, Stedfast

K Noon training in Manchester 3.JPG

What our clients say about us: 

"This was a really enjoyable session. Kellie obviously knows her stuff and highlighted a number of things that I wasn't aware of previously, and that we could put into practice straight away.  Recommended."

K Noon training Manchester 4.jpg
K Noon delivering training in Manchester

What our clients say about us: 

"This should be delivered as part of standard staff induction – I’ve waited 5 years for this! should be mandatory in first year with refresher training every 3 years"

"This should be delivered as part of a standard staff induction – I’ve waited 5 years for this! It should be mandatory in the first year with refresher training every 3 years."

"A big thank you. I just wish there was more time for this course!"

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